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Code of conduct

  1. Dance Attire
    1. Hanoi Pole Mania encourages its students to wear appropriate pole dancing sport attire, i.e. shorts and tank or sport bra. Students are not allowed to dance wearing only underwear or bra during classes for hygiene and aesthetic reasons.
    2. Students who forgot their outfit can borrow shared outfit available in the studio. The above is property of Hanoi Pole Mania and needs to be returned directly after the class.
    3. Students are kindly asked to not apply body cream, oil or any other cosmetic products that can make the pole slippery hence dangerous for the student and his/her classmates.
  2. Schedule
    1. Our schedule will be regularly updated on Hanoi Pole Mania website hanoipolemania.com and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/hanoipolemania. For any questions please kindly contact us at hanoipolemania@gmail.com or at the hotline +84 163 549 5081 or +84 166 571 0856
    2. For private lessons, please contact our instructors for scheduling.
    3. Because a proper warm-up followed by deep stretching is very important for a successful pole dance lesson, students must arrive on time and make sure they can attend the whole warm-up session. You will not be allowed to join classes if you arrive more than 15 minutes late.
    4. Students are free to attend any group classes, but we also encourage you to attend the same classes every week so that our instructors can follow and optimize your learning pace.
  3. Class Booking and Canceling
    1. To ensure classes are best organized, online booking is mandatory for all students and all classes at www.hanoipolemania.com/schedule (English) orhanoipolemania.com/vi/schedule (Vietnamese). Students coming to class without booking won’t be able to attend.
    2. Classes with less than 4 registrations might be cancelled, in that case, cancellation will be sent 2h prior to class. Students having booked class which is cancelled will receive 2 days extension in their card’s validity as indemnity.
    3. Students are allowed to book classes in advance, however, are firmly asked to cancel their bookings if attendance is not possible due to emergency by informing either the instructor or the assistants. Cancellation needs to be sent at least 24 hours prior to class.
    4. In case of cancellation without notice:
      1. New students registered for a free trial class will be considered as having already taken this trial class and have to pay as of the next session.
      2. For students having a 12 sessions card,1 session will be checked
      3. For students using the single jump-in lesson, 160.000 VND will be due, the student will be asked to pay this amount the next time he/she will come to class
    5. For any student who cancels class without noticing the assistants or the instructors more than 3 times, all his/her bookings of the month will be automatically cancelled. The student can still join classes if they are not full, but their slots are not guaranteed. No refunded will be granted in this case.
  4. Fees
    1. Each new student can attend one free trial class in any Beginner Classes. Please kindly contact us for level suggestion and trial class request.
    2. Single jump-in lesson is at 160.000k/lesson
    3. Fees for group classes are 1.500.000 VND for a package of 12 lessons, valid within 3 months. Card validity can be extended at price 100.000VND/week or 420.000VND for unlimited period. Students having a valid 12-lessons card will also have access to 12 free self-practice sessions. Booking and cancellation rules for self-practice lessons are the same as for group classes.
    4. Paid cards can only be refunded within 5 days. In case of refund, taken lessons will be considered as single group lesson (160.000VND/lesson). All cards are nominative and cannot be transferred or shared with other students.
    5. Private classes are available upon request. Please contact our instructors for fee rate, studio booking and private lesson scheduling.
    6. For private lessons, 50% of fees are paid at booking time and the remaining 50% will be paid at class time. Cancellations are free of charge if done at least one week before scheduled lesson, 50% of booking fees if cancelled within 2 – 7 days before, and 100% of booking fees if cancelled less than 2 days before the scheduled lesson.
  5. Safety
    1. Similar to all other sports, pole dancing is not risk-free. Injuries and accidents are possible if you don’t follow your instructor’s advices or practice in an inappropriate manner.
    2. Students are not allowed to practice tricks that are new or are beyond their level without direct assistance of an instructor.
    3. You are requested to use the crash-mats or other safety material while practicing high-risk tricks. Hanoi Pole Mania is not responsible for any accidents that are due to students’ negligence in class or due to self-practice without direct assistance of our instructors.
  6. Personal Belongings
    1. Students are responsible for their personal belongings. Lockers are also available for storage and should be clean after using.
  7. Pictures and Videos
    1. We encourage our students to take pictures or record videos of themselves to track progression. You are free to distribute your own image or material.
    2. If you photograph or record your classmates or instructor, please make sure to have their permission. We strictly prohibit photographing, recording, and/or distributing materials for sexual, insulting or any other illegal purposes.

By joining our classes, you agree and comply with the above code of conduct.



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